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Re: Recently Dx'd RSD/CRPS, long-time burning

First appointment with pain mgmt doc was awful because....
wait for it...wait for it...

I never was allowed to see the doctor!!!


Nurse Practitioner said I wouldn't see the Doctor until I had A) 3 more MRI's of various parts (I brought the CT scan with me plus 6 new x-rays); B) a neurological evaluation (I already had EMG/Nerve conduction results in my hand from 2009 - they were normal) and; C) I must have FAILED Physical Therapy. I asked her, "Why would you want me to fail PT? My whole point is to NOT fail PT and get better!!" She told me that's just the way its set up. She also said I wouldn't see Dr. Wadley at all until I needed a PROCEDURE like nerve ablation or a nerve block or spinal. So that was a huge waste of my time and safety (driving on icy roads) and gas money.

Since then, I started physical therapy. I have every intention of making progress in PT - :P to the Nurse Practitioner. I'm doing exercises at home, desensitization, all without pain relief. I'm going to do the best I can.

Trying to get into another doctor. Sigh.

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