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Re: I think I may have aspergers

Hi all,

My name is Chris, and like ty, I suspect I may have some form of Aspergers. I'm not sure, though, and I was hoping to get some advice about whether it's worthwhile to ask about this diagnosis.

I've taken two online quizzes, which suggest that I have symptoms similar to AS, but I'm unsure about pursuing it with my psychiatrist. I've already been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, and receive some pretty heavy treatment for it, including electroconvulsive therapy. This helps quite a bit, but I still have extreme difficulty in social situations. I'm terrible at chit-chat; I'm dense when it comes to trying to understand how people think and feel.

I had a formal MBTI assessment when I was 20, which suggested I was an INFP, and so strongly INFP that unlike most others I can't flip-flop into the opposite categories (ESTJ).

I guess I'm wondering if my treatment would change at all with the AS diagnosis. Would therapy change? Would my medications change? Could it open up some doors that might help me? Or is the treatment pretty much the same as what I'm already getting?

I'd love any experience or advice anyone can offer.


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