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Re: Having to Starve To Maintain Post Anorexia Recovery Weight HELP!!

Originally Posted by lolasuicidestar View Post
Okay I really need help with this problem because I'm at my wit's end. I literally can't take this anymore.

Here's the basics, last year I slipped into anorexia. I started at an unhealthy weight of 150 lbs and I'm about 5"5. I ate horribly and never worked out but then I started to work out. I ran on an elliptical pretty hard for about 1.5-2 hours EVERYDAY and ate around 800 calories.

I eventually agreed to go up to eating 1600 calories a day, with the same work out but I started to lose even more. Within a year I had gotten down to a dangerous 95 lbs. My liver functions started to mess up so I decided to gain weight.

I did not go into a hospital or treatment program. I upped my calories to 1900-2000 calories a day and still worked out on the elliptical for about an hour a day. Since June I was gaining 2 lbs EXACTLY every four days. Like I would be 100 then four days later 104, four days later 108.

I wanted to reach a weight of about 120 which I did. The only problem is even when I dropped my calories back down to 1600 and started working out 2 hours and even doing some light weight work I am still gaining.

I ate 5000 on Christmas and gained 5 pounds over night and STILL haven't lost it. I got up to 140 in 1 1/2 months. I figured out it was because I had gone back on my Zoloft for anxiety, a known cause of weight gain.

Two almost months ago I quit my Zoloft cold turkey and got Wellbutrin at 300 mg. I was able to get down from 140 to 125 in about a week and a half, but most was water weight I think.

I got back my period and all.

The problem is to STAY at 125 I have to work out every day really hard for two hours and eat no more than 1700 calories. I'm 17 years old and I have what seems like NO metabolsim.

I've been to MANY doctors and specialist and one said I should be technically burning 3000 calories a day. I want to be able to stay at this weight (the doctors all agree that I should NOT gain anymore) but I want to be able to enjoy life and eating again. I want to be able to have a bit of an indulgence because I work out so hard.

If I even eat 100 or so calories over I WILL gain weight over night and it'll take a week or so to get it back down to 125 again and even then it might go up 3-4 pounds over night even when I'm not PMSing.

I've had my thyroid checked and my blood checked and it all came back fine. Has anyone else had this problem? Am I stuck starving and working myself for the rest of my life? If so that is NOT a life I want to live anymore. It's to the point where I can't handle it.

It was okay to be gaining when I was 100 some pounds but now I'm on my way to being overweight again. All my weight is muscle but still according to my doctors I should be losing a LOT of weight on this diet.

Please someone who knows about this help me. Please do not tell me oh you need therapy or don't focus on the weight because I do. I have a therapist but at this point it's a health concern even the doctor's say that.

I am in recovery from anorexia, purge type. I lost from 148 pounds to 90 pounds in less than one summer. I stayed close to 90 pounds for about 6 years.

I have been weight restored since Jan. 2010. My recovery weight was 110 pounds.

During the 1st year of being weight restored your weight is going to be all over the place. That is a fact! You are going to lose weight and go through lots of bloating.

It is NOT permanent.

I develop anxiety, had to quit my job and only go to school part-time because I couldn't handle the year after being weight restored.

I was in therapy EVERY other week since the middle of 2012.

My weight has settled to 105-109 without exercise, dieting, or restricting..


Do the doctors know that you are 1 year into recovery?

You aren't going to like my advice, but I followed it and I am not dead...(I almost died several times because of my ed)

It took me from 2008-2011 to learn how to do this:

completely stop exercising
don't count calories.
put the scale away.

It's not logical to gain weight overnight. (Talk to your therapist and set some goals on reducing your exercise and putting away the scale.)

the more you restrict, the worse things will get.

I just paid 2,500 to get a CAT scan (due to my digestion problems)
I have to take lots of pills for acid reflux and digestion.
I developed anxiety and had to have my gallbladder removed.

You are so young, please talk to your therapist about putting the scale away. Your weight will settle on it's own.

Your body needs time to heal and recover.