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Re: xlif for L4-L5 plif for L5-S1

Welcome! I am a recent newcomer to this site also. Sorry you are in such pain and facing surgery. There will probably be more senior members that will respond to you.

I have had four surgeries to my lower spine. The first was a laminectomy to L3 - L5 back in 2002 and that recovery was a couple of months and then I was back to work. The nerve pain took about a year and a half to subside, but then returned periodically until returning full force in 2010. Then had a discectomy at L4 but had complications when I awoke in recovery, had a blood clot in the spinal canal and a ruptured disc which resulted in another surgery 2 days later. The disc ruptured again and then I had a multi level 360 degree fusion of L3 through S1. That surgery was about 10 hours and has been a very long recovery. The long recovery could be due to the prior 2 surgeries being 6 or 7 months earlier and maybe the body had not fully recovered.

My only recommendations would be to get a second opinion, I did from a neuro. Also, get in the best physical shape you can and go into surgery with a positive attitude. Trust your surgeon to do the best job and face your therapy with a positive attitude. Therapy will hurt, but you have to do it to get better.

There is a wealth of great information on this site, so spend time to research and get educated on what you will face. You are young and should get through this ok. You may never be 100 percent of what you were and will have to protect your spine in the future. I hope this helps and if you have any questions I will try to answer for you.
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