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Re: Pvc's causing svt's???

Originally Posted by xxalyxx View Post
About 6 months ago i was diagnosed with superventricular tachycardia following being rushed into a&e with a heart rate of 190. I was put on beta blockers (cardicor??) for about a month, had an echo heart scan which came back normal & later diagnosed as being aneamic & having GERD. My worries regarding my heart appeared to be over as both these conditions include a fast heart rate amongst their symptoms.
However 2 weeks ago i began to feel missed beats (pvc...? Sorry am new to this!) and fluttering in my chest, at worse the pvcs were happening with every 2nd beat. This happened all night whilst resting which i tried to ignore but at one point i experienced an svt attack, my heart started pounding fast & i felt like i was going to collapse. It only lasted about a minute but i was petrified of it happening again. Since then i've had a few more nights of having pvc's & am awaiting for a heart monitor from my doctors.
I just wondered if anyone could give me some advice on why the pvc's caused my heart to go into a svt & should i be worried?
Thanks, Alison.
hi alison. i won't get into the medical terminology of this, but your heart has an electrical sensor in it, so that if it skips a beat, it tends to correct itself. there are different reasons for this to happen and in a healthy person, there really is no danger. getting used to this happening is quite frightful at times. i started with svt's about 2 years ago, where i was actually diagnosed....but i remember having tachacardia really bad when i started my perimenopause. it was like a cycle, i would freeze to death for about an hour and then my heart would increase to really high speeds about every 6 weeks and i would have these episodes for 10-12 hours, so of course i spent quite some time in the ER, due to the fact that your blood can clot after prolonged periods of high speeds. needless to say....this put me in major panic mode and i started to take diazepam to slow the scary thoughts. after multiple visits to specialists they said there was nothing wrong with me. one time i went to my gp and i had a very high heart rate, but i took 10mg of diazepam just to make it to her office....and i asked her if i looked calm to her, (since doc's want to blame everything on anxiety),she said i asked her to take my blood pressure (it was very high) and finally....she said, okay...i know what it is. she put me on hormones. seems that when we go through our change in tends to affect our thyroid, amongst other things and throws our bodies for a loop. i stayed on hormones for 10 years and finally weened off due to cancer possibilities. now....i've been in menopause for over 3 years and all along have still had episodes of svt's and now having pvc's and my reflux was the trigger for this last episode. my stomach had been really acidy for about 2 weeks but i can't really afford the stomach meds so i'll take them for a couple of months and then go off. funny though....that the ER and my family doctor couldn't diagnose the problem. i did and went back on my stomach meds 2 days after my episode and still have the palps and such, but nothing like that night!! i am wearing a loop monitor right now for 2 weeks and since it makes a high pitched squeal when i activate it, it's kinda hard to catch the irregularities if you're in a very public you mentioned that they gave you beta blockers. they tried that with me too, but i said...if there's nothing wrong with my heart, after so many tests....then why do i need a heart pill?? so....after all of my gabbing.....first of all....are you in the peri or menopausal period? this period of your life can cause all kinds of problems due to hormones, thyroid, pituitary gland, etc. next time you have your palps, try coughing very deeply from the chest. if that doesn't work then try very cold water splashed on your face. this can sometimes stop the heart from racing. you have any type of autoimmune disorder? some triggers of svt's are caffeine, smoking and especially "stress". i have my monitor until tuesday and i'll let you know how mine turned out. keep in touch and if the hospital sent you home, then they must feel confident that you're okay, and i know it's scary, but try not to let it make you anxious. you will be fine. your heart is the strongest muscle in your body. it can take a lot. hope my blabbing