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I had surgery on 3rd Sept 2012. I reacted badly to the surgery and had to return to hospital for another week.
I have had a very slow recovery, I have not allowed myself to give up and am now managing to walk the dog daily, swim on a regular basis and use my push bike.
However..... I have been getting the exact same pain in my right hip that I had before surgery, I let it go for a while but it got to the point that I had a slight limp whilst walking. I have pain in my thigh and find it difficult to get up and down from the sofa/dining table at the end of the day.
I saw my physio and she suggested I take things easy for a couple of weeks and that if things hadn't calmed down she would refer me back to the consultant.
I am really hoping that it is not a further prolapse, I don't think I could bear the surgery again. I have the feeling that things are not right though which is pretty deflating since I have worked so hard to get better!!!
I have been unable to work for over a year now, I actually don't mind being a stay at home mum but to have the option would be nice....
I have spoken to others about recovery time etc and it appears that we are all so different!
I hope that everyone is feeling ok, its wonderful to find others that have this boring health issue going on!!