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Re: New here, worried and scared

When you get it, let us know the result of your biopsy. I'm new at this and found it difficult to understand all the information you posted. But I would recommend that you take your time in deciding the course of action or treatment if the result is positive.

I read a book titled "Should I Be Tested For Cancer? Maybe Not and Here's Why?" In this book a study was mentioned where thousands of thyroids were examined at autopsy of people who died from other causes. Almost every thyroid had at least a few cancer cells. Many of these cells are either dormant or so slow growing that most people will never die from Thyroid cancer. Furthermore, not all doctors agree upon what cells are actually cancer. So, in some cases, it may be best to have 2 or 3 doctors examine the cells in question.

Doctors often will err on the side of judging cells to be cancer so as to protect themselves from future lawsuits. Treating someone for cancer who doesn't really need treatment never brings a lawsuit, so, many people get treated for "cancer" cells that would never be life threatening.

The bottom line: Take notice of the words they use to tell you what your condition is. If they say something like, "there are some cells that look like cancer so it's best to play it safe and do XYZ treatment" then it may be their decision to practice "defensive medicine" at your expense.

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