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Re: CONSTANT facial pain and headaches

No, but I wear the night guard to protect my teeth. there are different kinds. I use one the only goes over the top 4 or 5 teeth (called an NTI guard) and makes it so my teeth don't touch at all. That way my face muscles stay relaxed (and my teeth don't hit together) while i grind at night.

I thought it might work for you b/c if you do grind now and you're not wearing anything then you are just bashing your teeth together all night and that could definitely cause your symptoms. Also, try to stay very aware all day of your mouth position to stop the clenching as best you can. I think we both are probably under a lot of stress dealing with this so the stress alone can cause headaches, neck pain, etc..

I still have pain in the upper teeth area near sinuses, tension headaches, neck and shoulder pain and a tooth that had a root canal on the other side that WON'T heal. the tooth is just constantly tender.

I'm afraid my problem is dental on the other side even though the dentists say it isn't. I just can't figure it out. It's so frustrating ( and expensive)

Keep me posted and let me know if you try something that helps and I'll do the same.