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Re: After the loss of my mother, I am terrified of her room and the dark.

She passed January 27, 2013. About 2 weeks ago. My sister lied to me and the one time I left the Hospice, she didn't call me and tell me she passing. When she did call me, she made it a point to inform me she knew that my mother was going to pass two hours before she did. We had a full plan set up in the event that one of us was not there and the other was. She did this to be manipulative and vindictive. She had always been jealous of me and it had only gotten worse since I made the choice to move back home to care for her. I feel so guilty about not being there and letting my mother be alone with her. My sister is notorious about waiting until my mother is sick and harassing her, being mean and hateful. My mother was not conscious or aware of her surroundings anymore, but still my sister demanded time alone with her. I understand why. Guilt was eating her alive and that is fine, but she took away the last moment I would have with my mother and she did it on purpose. I let her. I don't know. I am so sorry.

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