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Re: Time frame for biopsy results?

Well, even though nobody answered my question, here's what happened. Biopsy was on Jan 31. Doc (and his nurse) were out of the office the following Monday and Tuesday, so although pathology results were probably there sooner I just got them today Feb 6.

Results were benign. Which was not too surprising. Since he didn't get the right one! Wasn't even a lymph node apparently (nurse said what is was I forgot already). I thought he was working on the wrong spot, but by the time I realized that he'd already numbed me up and started cutting.

The Sunday after the surgery (so 3 days later) the tenderness and swelling/bruising had subsided enough that I could stand to check, and sure enough, about 3" away from where he'd cut the lymph node was still there, no different than before.

When I spoke to the nurse about the pathology results and told her about the mistake she a definit "Oh crap" tone in her voice. Doc is supposed to call tomorrow to talk about his screw up. I figure, as long a he gets it right the second time, is nice about it, and doesn't try to bill me for anything (including co-pay) I'll be nice about it all too and I won't raise the issue with their legal department.

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