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BPPV , can u please share expirence with the elpley - did it work for u ?

I have been suffering from a mild form of BPPV for 2 years now , when i say mild i don't mean that it's easy cause otherwise i won't be bothering asking for your kind help , i mean to say my kind of BPPV is the one who responds to Halpike right side , after few seconds on the position i get a spinning sensation that lasts for anything from 10 - 20 seconds but i don't present eye movements , spinning is not violent but it does happen , anyway - it's a great everyday suffer and the reason why i was not helped by the medical institute has to do with lack of care on thier side or the lack of ability to do anything which is not pure text book , anyway - i want to get the epley done , i have heard of the procedure and heard quite a lot about it , i want to hear from your expirence with it , did it help you ? did you come back to normality after that ? , what did you feel afterwards ?

my bppv is primary and came with no previous inner ear problem or head injury , i will appreciate your help and in need for it , looking forward to hear what u say


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