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Re: BPPV , can u please share expirence with the elpley - did it work for u ?

Hi there Kapi,

I have also been struggling for about 2 years now. Glad to say that it is about 70% better now.

I started with a wild vertigo whilst looking under the car 2 years ago. Thereafter heavy dizziness and brain freeze; pillar to post, scan, etc. I was told by the local ENT that it was probably BPPV and that "it would pass" . Easy said.!

I could not look up or down, read only at vertical angle in front of me. Looking up or down gave me dizziness and brainfreeze (this was the worst!) and would take hours to subside. First I did not even know what caused the dizziness until I discovered that when I held my head level, the dizziness slowly subsided.

I started looking on the web...etc etc. Started doing Epley movements myself and partner. This gave me relief. Start with 3 x day, say for a week, the one ear, then a week, the other, if necessary. Or perhaps 2 or 3 weeks, whatever feels comfortable. It does not seem to do any harm. Thereafter I used the Epley as a "treatment" after reading "with my head in the wrong position" and this worked. I also have problems in a car with stiff suspension, or a bumpy road, makes me dizzy. Also driving over a crest can give me nystagmus. This can be scary. I only found out much later what was happening.
Now about 2 years further, the symptoms are slowly subsiding and I am using Epley every now and then as a treatment. I dont know if it will ever go away 100%. For now I am fine, and it is "liveable". Much better than before.

I hope this helps you and gives you some hope,

Good Luck!