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Re: Fluctuating between Hypo and Hyper

So much great information! Thank you!!! I'm going to check out those books you mentioned. I'm usually hovering around the 2 point something range and that's a good place to be. Even the 1 point somethings are okay. But .09? That's heading in the negative direction isn't it? I've only had one T3 test. Usually I only get the TSH testing done. And I don't know much about the T4 either. I've tried to learn about it but I get bogged done by the technical information. I see lots of Dummy and Idiot reading in my future!

I also had an ultrasound done about 4 years ago and I was told my thyroid was quite lumpy. I was supposed to follow up with some kind of radioactive dye (?) test but because it required me to go off the meds for 6 weeks, I didn't. I was finally feeling better and didn't want to wait 12 weeks to feel good again. Maybe I should follow up with that?