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Re: Fluctuating between Hypo and Hyper

Yes, I would suggest reading both books. Probably you don't need to read the whole book as some parts deal with thyroid cancer, hyper and other areas not relevant for you.

The Idiot's book has I think the most helpful info. But the first few chapters of Dummy are good. My local library had both books....maybe yours will.

As I said your numbers were very much like mine. What would concern me the most IF I were you is that your free t3 is at the bottom of the range. That is not something I think that would happen overnight. It measure your usable thyroid hormone .

Running on low free t3 from what I understand is not good for so many functions of the body but brain being a big one. For me when my free t3 was at the bottom for so long , I knew I had to add in some t3. So after dropping my synthroid 25mcg, I have added in 45mg of armour. I do feel more ON mentally.

My understanding in a nutshell is that t3 is the immediately usable thyroid hormone, t4 is the hormone that is the raw material from which t3 is made. Some of us are poor converters can keep putting t4 in but you have very little t3. That is I think one of the key reasons that people turn to a thyroid med with some t3 like armour, naturethroid, acella etc or some people add in cytomel a synthetic t3. I hated with a passion cytomel. I couldn't bear even the tiniest amount. It was like drinking 15 cups of coffee to me. Others can tolerate it.

I thought maybe I couldn't tolerate t3 but found out I can tolerate natural t3 in armour with no problem.

A lumpy thyroid for someone with hashimoto's is to be expected from what I have read. As the tissue is destroyed by antibodies the surface becomes irregular and lumpy.

I would say:
try to get the TPO antibodies test to learn if you have Hashimoto's tell the doc you want to know if you have an autoimmune disease

get some blood tests incl. free t3 and see if you remain so very low despite a very high t4 and a high (going hyper) tsh.

See the thing is if you add more t4 to bring up your free t3 you will just get increasinlgy hyper. do you feel now?