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New to the idea of PM

I have suffered chronic nearly daily migraine like headaches for nearly 20 years after a car accident this past summer and post concussive syndrome an MRI revealed Chiari for which I was referred to a neuro. I saw him in August and the appt was a joke. He had no experience with Chiari gave me a basic neuro exam and said if it gets worse I can refer you to a surgeon

I currently take 100 mg of topamax as a preventative, 50 mg pristiq for depression 100 mg levothyroxin and alternate 1000 mg tylenol and 800 mg ibuprofen while at work then have 10 ml stadol inhaler for when I come home. Some days I can't work with the migraine and end up in the clinic for a shot of torodal because taking the day off work isn't feasible. I literally have 20-25 headache days a month.

I am seeing a different neuro later this month as the headaches are are becoming progressively stonger and more debilitating so my question is having been through all the traditional and non-traditional methods for managing what have been considered migraines what options do I have because brain surgery does not jump to the top of my list of things on my bucket list

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