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Re: Chronic throat problems

Originally Posted by ladybud View Post
Great news, Theresa! It should only get better as you heal. So glad you finally got what you needed, and are already feeling better.
Thanks Lady! This has been a really tough journey for me.

Anyway, so I ended up having the needle aspiration, and it came back pretty normal except for extremely high neutrophils. After the ENT who sent me for this procedure got the results, he actually pulled the same thing the first ENT pulled; "come back in 2-3 months". WHAT?!

I was smart enough to double book myself for another ENT while seeing this one (I was going to see every ENT in town if necessary), so just a couple days after seeing this ENT, I saw the third one.

The third one was amazing. He listened to my concerns, took my pain seriously and agreed to take my tonsils out. I was supposed to have them out in March, but had some issues and was brought in on the 1st of February.

He said that I had necrotizing tonsilitis caused by some evil antibiotic resistant bacteria...apparently uncommon which was why it was so damn hard for anyone to diagnose me. It explains the 'rawness' and the bleeding I kept complaining about however, as my tonsils were literally being eaten away. In addition to this, my right tonsil was full of crap. He took out my tonsils, adenoids, some of my soft palate and he said he took a node as well (presumably on the right side because there is a gaping hole there). He also said I had scarring unlike anything else he had ever seen and it was a good thing I did this because it was only going to get increasingly worse. My post-op appt. isn't until March, so I have to wait for a better break down on what happened, but this is what I gathered from his brief visit to me in the hospital after the surgery.

So I am currently 7 days post-op, and I have to admit that the pain sucks (like... a lot) ... but I am so relieved to have the damn things out and that this is almost over with that I can't be too upset. This has been a nightmare of an experience.

I am thinking of writing a "guide to/my experience with tonsillectomy as an adult" at some point, but I am still going through it and can't hold up for too long.

Anyway, I hope my giant thread has helped someone else out there. There *IS* light at the end of the tunnel. Just be as persistent as you possibly can and don't take no for an answer... eventually SOMEONE will help you.

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