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Re: Could Nucca help?

Hi Fire,

If this started with bad dental work I think it is going to become better much faster if you address the bite issue in conjunction with other modalities of muscle relaxation and body alignment. If a mistake was made with a crown being made too high or a removal of a tooth that created an occlusal problem within your bite perhaps a repositioning splint would give you some pain relief.

I have heard that nucca chiropractors can help a great deal with alignment issues. However, the jaw has an astounding effect on body alignment and I feel that without trying to balance the jaw your atlas adjustments will just need to be continually made as the treatments will not "stick" or "hold" if you will. I hope I am making sense here. Please consult numerous specialists but only ones that concentrate on the jaw. Try to avoid regular dentists as they are not as well trained in the anatomy of the jaw joints. Once you have spoken with a few doctors regarding treatments then you can decide who you feel most comfortable with.

Feel free to ask me any additional questions you may have. I have been fighting my tmj battle for about 7 years now and have done quite a bit of research on this illness. Good luck to you and keep your chin up. I assure you, if you keep fighting this and concentrating on a solution this will pass.


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