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Re: Could Nucca help?

Thanks for your words of encouragement. I suppose my main concern is that the dentist wont know what to do with me. I'm that bad! However the nucca doc has recommended I see one, who sounds very clued up and works with an osteopath for the full body connection, I go next month for an assessment. My adjustments are not holding at all, I don't know if it is due to very severe spasm or the jaw or both! I am a mess.
I don't expect a cure after all what has gone wrong, but some relief from the disabilities would be great. I am now completely housebound, it has destroyed me completely.
Btw, its going to be way too far for you I know, but I have received email advice from A Dr Smith in Pennsylvania (ICNR). Seems to really know his stuff. Maybe if you got in touch with him, he could point you to some good tmj dentist.
Thanks so much again