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Re: Could Nucca help?

Im 42 Misty. This has been going on now for a year and a half. I am struggling to cope. The osteopath does cranial work as well as general, so we'll see what he makes of it. This is indeed extreme. I think the origin was my atlas, I had a very high shoulder for years and tried various regular doctors for an answer, but never found one. Had physio and neurologists but got labeled a hypochondriac! My jaw never was a problem until root canal treatment on the high shoulder side. I was pulled and tugged all over the place but didnt like to complain. Wish I had now though. When the jab wore off my teeth just would not meet for anything. I had to push my head down to make them touch on the right. My lower jaw was set back way too far and my neck hurt. Went everywhere to get help. No one came forward with any help or treatment, hence I went to the osteo.
The nucca doc reckons I must of been an accident waiting to happen and is blaming all my symptoms on primarily my atlas in turn causing the jaw misalignment. She said my neck couldn't handle the pelvic adjustment followed by neck crack and my brain is in chaos causing a dystonic type of reaction. I am just praying my jaw can be treated, it drives me mad not having a bite at all and the jaw pulling in constant spasm.
I just keep asking how this could have happened so quickly. A couple of visits to the wrong person and I end up like this.
I sure hope my body can find its way back a bit. We only found out about nucca a few months ago, wish we'd known years ago.
Thanks for responding, it helps to know there are people who can help suggest things. And yes I have heard of prolatherapy, but doesn't that get done when your'e all aligned? Not quite sure how that works.
The nucca doc has said no to botox, but wonder if that may help. Just don't know if it can help with a subluxation. Any ideas?
More questions back at ya. Thanks again and I hope you get better soon!