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Re: My favorite cleanser discontinued! Plexion/Prascion

Originally Posted by requiemma View Post
I was diagnosed with acne in 6th grade... super miserable. Tried everything except shots, nothing worked. Benzyl P. is too strong and at the same time didn't work, everything else seemed to give me more bumps than I had previously. Then, quite a few years ago I started using Plexion and it worked awesome, I actually had clear skin. A month ago my pharmacist informed me that it's been discontinued and told me to get panoxyl cleanser.... it has torn my skin up...
Does anyone have a similar experience or product to recommend??? I feel desperate at 25, it's like being that spotted kid in the classroom again
I feel your pain, I have been using this incredible cream called "Prascion RA" which has completely cleared my blotchy skin. Sometime last year it was discontiued and I panicked. My dermatologist writes me "claron or Sodium Sulfacetamide 10%" which is the same formula. However, its no longer a cream its a liquid which does not work very well. I am still using what ever is left but its becoming an issue because no pharmacy carries it anymore because the maker of "Prascion RA" has discontinued it.. My face has EXPLODED and acne has made a severe resurgance... i hope another manufacturer steps up soon! They still make a generic of Sulfacetamide, the problem is its missing the sulfur and its not a very good liquid to apply. They also still have generics for the face wash, but I really liked the Prascion cream and wash better. I use Duac for stubborn bumps but Duac is incredibly expensive... The "Sulfacetamide is made by E. FOUGERA & Co, which is the CLOSEST match to Prascion RA and the Pledgets they used to make... This is really damaging my already red skin... I totally understand your anger and every pharmacist I go to says im not the only one clamoring for this cream.. :/

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