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Chest Tightness

Hello Everyone,

I am a newer member and did not see a place for this among the other forum topics. For about 2 weeks now I have been having chest tightness right in the middle of my pecs. It is not really a pain and just feels aggravated. It comes and goes and I feel as though I can breath just fine when it is happening. I still have an appetite, no weight loss, no weight gain, no vomiting, nothing. I did have a shingles break out in December - not sure if this could be from that. I have tried Tums to see if it was indigestion or heart burn and it did not seem to help.

I have experienced something like this in the past and come to find out it was anxiety. I am leaning towards it being that again. I have not went to the emergency room because the pain is not sudden and it not as bothersome as I would think a heart attack would feel like. Also the pain/tightness does not extend to my arms, back, neck, stomach areas.

Any ideas/theories?

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