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Re: To have surgery or not


I had the basic rotator cuff repair in 99 at age 40 it was very painful, had a 14 hr nerve block, along with pt that started about a week later, I went back to work at 2 weeks I was a network administrator and we were in the middle of y2k. The shoulder is great now pretty much have full ROM. Glad I did it.

Now, in may of 12 I had a slap tear in the other shoulder, bone spurs, a lot of osteoporosis and had surgery, now 56 yrs old. Painful painful surgery, went home same day, had a 14hr nerve block, had PT that didn't start for 3 weeks this time (same dr).

When I went to 1st pt they were surprised I was just getting to pt said I should have started 2 weeks ago. I have sense read there is controversially over this.

About a month into pt my shoulder became partially frozen and had to go under anesthesia and have it manipulated to break up the scar tissue (manipulation under anesthesia MUA). Very sore and hard to do pt for about a week but it did give me more ROM.

I continued with pt for about 8 more weeks finally stopped I don't have good ROM now I am in terrible pain all in my shoulder blade radiates down my arm too. They eventually want to replace it because of the osteo, have they mentioned that to you?

I know that was long but I wanted you to know the stuff that can or cannot happen. First one was great. Wish I'd never done the 2nd one.

My pain dr. Tells me now before I get anything else done to be sure to get at least 2 opinions because there's so much competition. Wish I had done that the 2nd time .

I don't think I'm getting it replaced I'm getting too old.

Btw, I cut all my hair off before the surgery and practice toilet stuff with the other hand.

Go to goodwill and get a bunch of button up the front shits and nightgowns, forego the bra idea (if ur a gal lol) and if you have a recliner that's great you'll probably sleep in that for the first couple of weeks.

My hospital sent me home with an ice machine which is a little cooler with a hose and the end wraps around the shoulder, the ice maker can't keep up. Someone will be making trips out for ice.

Good luck!


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