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Re: BPPV , can u please share expirence with the elpley - did it work for u ?

Hi , i have been suffering with the condition for 2 years and i dont have any inner ear pervious trouble , BPPV came out of nowhere , i suffer dizzy when laying down or sitting up , of course that i feel in between uneasy feeling , like off balance , it is the cause of the bppv , if i stay still or does not move my head i will feel normal but if i walk and act normal i will feel odd , it makes sense since my canal is affected with these crystals moving around so of course if i walk a lot and move around i will feel some brain fog as the eyes work too hard but i never suffered any kind of long latsing spinning or hearing loss , or tinnitus - my case is classic BPPV but of a milder kind , yet i am afraid of the epley , i will have it done this week by a therapist , i am not so afraid of the spinning in the epley but of the after math , how will i feel after - i have been living with that for so long i dont remember anymore what it feels like to be free of all that grabage if you get my point :-)