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Re: xlif for L4-L5 plif for L5-S1

[QUOTE=teteri66;5129868]OK, that's what I was thinking yesterday...and then for some reason, this morning I was thinking TLIF. Well, I'm back to my original dismay then.

It makes no sense, and personally, I wouldn't agree to it. I know too many people that are very unhappy with the results from XLIF. They have to bisect the psoas muscle to perform XLIF...and the surgeon usually non-chalantly describes it as being painful for a week or two...but the people I know were laid up for a long time with horrendous hip and groin pain.

I would certainly ask why he's doing it that way before signing any papers.

When are you supposed to have this surgery?[/QUOTE]

Thats what I'm thinking!!!
I'm sheduled for surgery on Tues. 2/12
HOWEVER I'm meeting with my Dr on Mon......I want to know WHY two seperate procedures when it seems ALL dics could be accessed thru PLIF