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Re: To have surgery or not

Thank you both for responding and giving me your input. I guess you both live in the USA where you can choose your surgeon. I'm in Canada and we have to be referred to a surgeon. Apparently the one I have been referred to is an excellent orthopedic surgeon and specializes in shoulders and knees. Everyone I have spoken to so far say to have the surgery.
Did either of you have to stay in hospital for one or two nights? I was surprised when he told me I would have to stay in, I thought it would be same day surgery.
Thank you Cathy for the tips on preparing for after surgery and what kind of clothes i should wear. Did you have physio before your surgery or did you stop going before? My physiotherapist thinks I should have the surgery. She said you can't live the rest of your life with only partial use of your arm and the pain.
I have been told that the surgery is very painful and the recovery is long.
A few years ago I had a tibial osteotomy on my left knee as a stop gap to put off having to have a knee replacement for a few years and that was the most painful surgery I have ever had.
I may be back with more questions. Thans again.