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Re: Down syndrome and loose stool

Hello Mondoblue,

I feel for you. My son will be 6 years old in March and he has had exactly the problem you just described for the whole of his entire life. It is so bad that he was basically expelled (they sent a letter home from the department of health and human services saying he cannot come to school with loose stool because that indicates that he could possibly be contagious, which is total B.S.) from school in early December. We have been taking him to specialists and yet we still have no answers. Earlier today we just got back from an endocronologist and his bloodwork ruled out the possibility of celiac disease. At this point we have no idea and yet each passing day where he is not allowed in school and with the developmental services that they offer he is suffering and falling more and more behind where he could be. A this point, I'm looking for any ideas and or leads at this point, no idea where to go from here. Seeing a G.I. specialist is next in our plans, but his next available appointment is a little ways out.

Seriously, any help is useful at this point.

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