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Re: Down syndrome and loose stool

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Hello Mondoblue,

I feel for you. My son will be 6 years old in March and he has had exactly the problem you just described for the whole of his entire life. It is so bad that he was basically expelled (they sent a letter home from the department of health and human services saying he cannot come to school with loose stool because that indicates that he could possibly be contagious, which is total B.S.) from school in early December. We have been taking him to specialists and yet we still have no answers. Earlier today we just got back from an endocronologist and his bloodwork ruled out the possibility of celiac disease. At this point we have no idea and yet each passing day where he is not allowed in school and with the developmental services that they offer he is suffering and falling more and more behind where he could be. A this point, I'm looking for any ideas and or leads at this point, no idea where to go from here. Seeing a G.I. specialist is next in our plans, but his next available appointment is a little ways out.

Seriously, any help is useful at this point.
Oh, how I know that note! Everytime we have a new teacher we deal with that so I give them the run down of what a sick BM actually smells like for my son. Then they know I'm serious. You can also get a dr note saying that the diareah is part of his disability and he isn't contagious. They are legaly required to educate your child under IDEA. The GI will do many nice things like take blood, stool, and run tests for bacteria, parasites, etc. What they won't do is anything allergy testing. Keep a food log with BM log on the same page so you can see the connections (ex. my son reacts quick to irritants within 30m-1h). If you suspect wheat then just to a 6 week trial elimination of wheat and that included checking your condiments because they use flour to thicken them sometimes. Celiac's test is false neagtive a lot. It doesn't really matter what the test says. If your gut says it's a problem just do it. Other common allergies are nuts, milk, soy, eggs, corn products, food dye, food preservatives, and artifical flavors. Feingold program has done all the research for you for food addatives, if you want something easy to follow. Probiotics are helpful too. We have used Culturrelle and recently switch to Innate Choice Probiotic Sufficiency. I've heard good things about liquid probiotics too. plant based probiotics are best. Avoid antibiotics at all cost. Going to the chiropractor will boost the immune system more naturally (and it's good deep pressure input if you have sensory issues too). It's freuent at first but once the muscle start to hold the vertebra in place you can go less often. It take 2 years to replace the good bacteria that antibiotics kills. Ask the GI to check for small intestine bacteria over growth. If your child has that the BM will small like death and there will be lots of gas even when not eating gassy food. Another thing that helps for school is give lots of oatmeal and beans. The soluable fiber will soak of the excess liquid in the GI tract and make the BMs not as loose. These are also pre-biotics (food for the probiotics to eat). Omega 3 is helpful as well because it's an anti-inflamitory. Usually the GI tract is inflamed. This will help the skin and brain too. Omega 3 is good all around. "what's eating my child?" by Kelly Dorfman has some good recomendations for how to chose suppliments for kids.

We've made lots of progress since I posted in 2010. You will get there.

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