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Re: Down syndrome and loose stool

Thank you so much for your response. I am going to start implementing a lot of what you said immediately. Tyus eats a lot of yogurt already, but not many beans or oatmeal. That will be easy to adjust because he LOVES both of those things. Your idea of a journal is wonderful too. Thank you again so much.

(I may unfortunately not be able to avoid antibiotics. I've always been one of those parents that tries to let my kids immune systems do their jobs, but that plan has Tyus averaging about 1 1/2 hospitalization a a year, which is taking a toll on both us and on him. Getting to the point where at first sniffle he's in to the doc. His stay last February was 19 days with his O2 crashing from 83 to 32 in an hour. Scary as heck.)

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