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Re: Finally got a diagnosis!

Originally Posted by abouttwodays View Post
Hey, that's alright! I wasn't sure if I should have continued on with that thread because it was all over the place. I figured I would post a new one and just hope it didn't get lost for those who kept up with me.

Thank you! The bridging fibrosis is scary but I have been told that can all heal itself with time after getting this disease under control.
Yes it sounds like you got it diagnosed just in the nick of time. Your probably very close to cirrhosis. The liver will indeed heal.
What Im worried about is the hard time you had in getting a proper diagnosis. When I say worry I mean for others, me included. Is an invasive biopsy the only way to diagnose AIH? I have had similar symptoms to you for many years, and sometimes worry I may have AIH. Although my AST ALT etc are all well within normal range. Bilirubin is sometimes .1 or .2 over the high range. My Ultrasounds have only shown fatty liver with heterogenous echotexture. I have had that nagging pain too, but thats recently gone now.
When I stopped drinking I had dramatic improvements.

I always thought AIH was easily diagnosed through blood tests.
But at least you have it under control (or will shortly) now.