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Re: low ferritin, weird symptoms

Hi all -

I am new to these posts. I have a ferretin level of 19! I have seen my GP, OBGYN and endocrinologist and all have said that my ferretin was "normal" Not only did I start seeing an alternative medicine doctor did she tell me that my ferretin was very low. She is amazing! Love her! I go once a month to get ferretin/b12 shots. She uses Quest diagnostics to send in blood and there range is pretty broad. I think its 12-260 or something along those lines.

I have had EVERY test known to man, been to an ENT had the battery of inner ear tests and all results came back normal, saw a neuro, MRI was fine.

I have many symptoms..the most bothersome to me is the feeling like I am on a equilibruim is SO off. Its weird because as of late...the rockiness comes and goes. Usually Im ok in the morning but by early afternoon, its comes on without warning. When i am sitting at work...the whole cubicle is rocking!!! Its really scary and makes me anxious and depressed. Then 20 mins later...its subsides but then comes back again. Nausea is not terrible and doesnt always accompany the rocking/floating feeling. Does anyone know if this could be a ferretin issue?? Please help