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Re: Sabatoge of weight loss efforts

Weight loss is hard enough without those we love and live with being less than supportive.

I do not think it is much to ask to keep those junk foods out of the house on your request. They are not healthy for anyone, so if your husband insists on eating them at least he could do so out of your presence, and not bring them in to your house. That would be a small gesture that would be so helpful to both of you. If he is unwilling to at least do that much, I would wonder about his motivation. Marriage is all about making life for your partner as good as you can with the simple things in life. Snack food is just not important enough to use as a as selfishly as that. If he only knew how much it would mean to you for him to protect you from the one thing so easy to control...keeping junk out of the house!

This is something you will have to negotiate with your husband, or it could become something big enough to cause problems for both of you. I hope you pointing out how silly it is for him to let such a thing get in the way of your relationship will be enough for him to re think his old ideas and get with the program.

The health and welfare of each member of our families is the responsibility of ourselves, and each other. We do have to make our own life our first priority, so we can work towards the best life we can have. At some point we have to take responsibility for ourselves, and do not let anyone have enough power to sabotage anything for us.

I would have a serious talk with your husband and see what his goals are in working against you in this way. Hopefully he is not aware of how much it means to you and will immediately fix things. If not, I would look deeper for the answers, and not be satisfied until you get the results you need.

In the end though, we are ultimately responsible for what we choose to eat and how we live. I hope you and your husband can learn to support each other and enjoy your life together.

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