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Cancer of pancreas or Bile duct?? help

Hello and thank you to whomever takes the time to read my story. I have just turned 45, female, recently lost weight (deliberately on a diet for the last 4 months or so), otherwise healthy with two children, one is almost 4 and the other is 9.

Ok so this rollercoaster started in the early hours of xmas day night when I woke up around 2am with quite severe discomfort in my sternum area. The pain progressed and within around 45 minutes my husband was driving me to A&E and I was in severe discomfort, I thought I was having a heart attack. On arrival I was eventually given morphine and the pain subsided. They took bloods and I was told that my amalayse was elevated (not massively apparently but they were talking about pancreatitis). I was admitted and sent for a ultra sound. This showed a dilated gallbladder but no stones. The pancreas was slightly obscured due to bowel gas. I was kept in overnight and booked for an mrcp as an outpatient. When I went home I still had discomfort in the pancreas area and also intermittent right rib pain and back pain. (I had been suffering from back ache at least a week before all this happened and also some discomfort in the sternum area (not horrendous just nagging). Anyway, I had the mrcp and it showed my pancreas was enlarged - they said in line with pancreatitis and advised avoiding alchohol all together. However, as I had continued discomfort I went back to my docs. I was send for an endosocopy and was informed I have Barretts Eosophogus (sp?) which was a shock as I had always thought this was something that appeared after years of GERD?? Apart from having heartburn whilst pregnant (3 and half years ago) I had not been aware I had reflux? although I had suffered from bloating and discomfort at times. I was given Lansoprazole to take once a day, I don't know if this is working because I wasn't aware I had GERD/Reflux in the first place?? The biopsy apparently showed no malignancy only inflammation.

I then went for a ct scan of my pancreas (with contrast). Days past and when I enquired to the results I was told the pancreas was clear with no sign of malignancy but it did show that I had a mildy dilated bile duct? I have had my blood taken on 3 or 4 occasions throughout these goings on, the last one was 3 days ago, because my bm's have now become almost grey in colour (def lost all of their brown appearance) and the continuing right side rib pain. I have expressed a fear of jaundice and this has been checked in all of my bloods, which have all come back normal (these included liver function tests) the only annomoly has been a slightly low white blood count on the last two tests which my doctor doesn't seem concerned about. So, just to be clear, my current symptoms (apart from the mildly dilated bile duct) are:

right rib pain which seems like its beneath my ribs at the back, my ribs are not sore at all, this doesn't seem to be linked to eating.
the pancreas pain has diminished somewhat although it still bothers me at times (like today)
Pale bm which are not firm but not runny either

I am very worried because I know that pc can be easily missed and have also begun worrying about bile duct cancer. When I had my u/s done 3 days ago, when the doctor finished she asked me if I had a follow up appointment and I said not yet and she said the results will take 7-10 days and I will get an appointment where I will be advised on 'management' but didn't tell me what she had seen.

I have been trying not the surf the internet because I do suffer from health anxiety at times but the continuance of symptoms and the comment the doctor made after the ultra sound regards 'management' has freaked me out again. I know that I must just wait for the results but I am finding it very hard.

Thank you again for anyone that has bothered to read my ramblings.

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