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Angry Going for total hysterectomy scared

Recently I had switched my OB/GYN. I used to go to a man OB/GYN who "cared" for me for almost 10 years but my recent visit to him made me have more questions than I could ask and I had dumbfounded look on my face when he left my room...

As soon as I had my child (almost 10 years ago) I had a c-section. After c-section was performed I'd developed horrible pain in my lower abdomen. The pain was so bad that I could not stand straight. When he did an ultrasound to find out wth was going on....he told me "You need a surgery". He said that my intestine was somehow attached/glued to one of my the heck does this happen? I was too young and too stupid to investigate it further and believed every word my OB/GYN said. After this expensive surgery a few months later I had developed another excruciating pain only it was so bad that I was climbing walls in my bedroom, screaming and ripping off our bedding on bed. I honestly thought I was dying. My husband had called an ambulance and they brought me to hospital, again did an ultrasound to find out I had SEVERE infection in my uterus... the ER doctor said the infection possibly was caused by the surgery...

After 3-4 years after they treated me with antibiotics I had developed pain on my left side and was unable to have a normal lifestyle. Wasn't able to exercise, walk fast nor run because of the pain. Another trip to OB/GYN he does an ultrasound and says I have an ovarian cyst about 6 cm. So he suggest Laproscopy through my belly button.

He performs Laprascopy (I am sure I didn't spell it correctly) and then tells my family that he did NOT remove the cyst because I had very very bad scar tissue all around me so he just "poped it" to relive the pressure etc...again he was implying how difficult the surgery was and how bad my scarring tissue was that it was literally an impossible procedure.

Now 4+ years later I keep getting pain on same side. He performs another ultrasound and tells me my cyst is back to 5 cm in size. He also noticed that I have thick uterus 12 mm vs 4 mm what it supposed to be. His solution is to get some "mesh" they scoop out your uterus, insert some mesh, hook it up to low electricity for 90 sec and you are done. About my cyst he doesn't say anything but sends me home with a powerful pain reliever med.

I'd asked him what's the solution to my problem because my cyst kept growing every month and wasn't going away, I was having very bad cramps and super heavy bleeding every month and now he tells me my uterus is abnormally thick (he measured me at 12mm a few days after my period). So he tells me : "I'll do what my patient wants me to do".....ummm excuse me? - I thought to myself. Aren't you a medical professional here and YOU are the one who should tell me what's best for me and not what "I THINK" is good for me? Again, no definite answer and he sent me home with powerful pain med. Despite finding that my uterus is abnormally thick, he does NOT perform any vaginal tests but sends me home with pain meds.

That's when I thought enough is enough. I searched on an Internet for "TOP or BEST local OB/GYN doctor" and found a woman OB/GYN. Now I wanted nothing more but the best doctor since I am paying for it!

Surely enough I made the right choice. First I came to her for "second opinion" but in reality I was ready to switch. She listened to me carefully (not rushing out of door like my ex-doctor) and then she performed several vaginal tests including biopsy, pap smear and an ultrasound with advanced machine. Tests showed that I have PRE-CANCEROUS condition in my uterus and my cyst was NOT gonna dissolve on it's own and ultimately together with my doctor we decided on hysterectomy. I've had very heavy bleeding periods, unexplained heavy bleeding between periods, cyst that's giving me pain constantly and just keeps on growing and she thinks I may have an Endometriosis too. She said she is not sure till she'll cut me open and see.

So in a few weeks I am going for total hysterectomy. Very scared, afraid, horrified. Would I still be able to have sex with my husband? If everything including cervix will be removed? Would I still be sexually active if I am being castrated? The idea of not being able to have anymore children is sort of ok with me but I am just emotionally concerned if my husband will still love me (we've been married for 18 years now and I am not even 40 yet)....
Would I develop another infection after my operation since it will be an incision operation...would I grow facial hair without my own hormones? lol

I still have another appt with my doctor pre surgery so I might ask her some questions but it seems to me that abdominal hysterectomy is a very common procedure? I want to know what are the risks and what some women have experienced post operation.


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