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Re: Walking and weight loss?

Originally Posted by woeisme View Post
Hi there, I am hypothyroid, which means I have an underactive thyroid which messes up my metabolic rate.

I'm on medication now but still struggle to lose the weight I gained.

I've just started walking again twice a day, 30mins each time at a very fast pace, I've been doing this for about a week but wondered what you think about speed walking for weight loss?

I used to walk for an hour every day before my illness and stayed at a good weight, so hopefully walking should do the trick again, just wondering what your thoughts are about walking and weight loss. How soon before I see any results???
Walking is a great way to lose weight!! Plus, you don't put as much pressure on the joints as with running or even jogging...not the same impact.

Dh lost 20 lbs in about 2 months walking nightly with was about a 30-40 min. brisk walk. We had a fairly steep, but gradual, incline coming back.
I suggest finding trails with inclines (hills) on your walk, try various terrains such as nature trails.
Walking barefoot in the sand is really great and theraputic, really engages the muscles.

It's hard to say when you would start noticing results, as that all depends on your metabolism. My dh started noticing results within 2-3 wks I would say.
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