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Originally Posted by tearsnfears View Post
I have suffered chronic nearly daily migraine like headaches for nearly 20 years after a car accident this past summer and post concussive syndrome an MRI revealed Chiari for which I was referred to a neuro. I saw him in August and the appt was a joke. He had no experience with Chiari gave me a basic neuro exam and said if it gets worse I can refer you to a surgeon

I currently take 100 mg of topamax as a preventative, 50 mg pristiq for depression 100 mg levothyroxin and alternate 1000 mg tylenol and 800 mg ibuprofen while at work then have 10 ml stadol inhaler for when I come home. Some days I can't work with the migraine and end up in the clinic for a shot of torodal because taking the day off work isn't feasible. I literally have 20-25 headache days a month.

I am seeing a different neuro later this month as the headaches are are becoming progressively stonger and more debilitating so my question is having been through all the traditional and non-traditional methods for managing what have been considered migraines what options do I have because brain surgery does not jump to the top of my list of things on my bucket list
Dear tearsnfears, There are neurologists that limit their practice to headaches only & if i were you that would be where i would start. The dr that you see now that prescribes your medicine have you spoken with him about taking so much tylenol & ibuprofen? I have migraines & i take prodrin for them & it works without making me sleepy. In answer to your question about what options are open to you i would find a headache specialist & let him re do all the diagnostics & hopefully new treatments & new medicines can be given that are specifically for the prevention & treatment of migraines. Also, i once had my gastroenterologist prescribe toradol injections to be given at home for severe back pain i had ulcerative colitis & couldnt take NSAIDS orally so thought maybe injections might work but i couldnt tolerate the injections either but i did have them prescribed for home.