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Re: Getting ready to move my mom

Thank you ALL for the encouragement and great advice. As it turns out, it was SO much easier than I had feared ... we came up with a very simple one-sentence explanation for why she had to move, and did it just one day prior to the actual move.

The next morning, of course, she didn't remember at all, but I quickly packed everything she needed, supervised the movers and set her room up for her while she was occupied with the nurses "touring the building." By the time she was back, her room looked completely finished, suitcases unpacked and clothes in the closet, pictures on the walls, bed made.

She was mainly thrilled with the new glider chair that they'd provided for her, and immediately sat down to do her word puzzles. I left her completely in the memory unit's hands, and it looks as if she will adapt perfectly.

It was a tense week, knowing we had to do this but not knowing how to go about the mechanics of it ... but we managed to make it about "helping me" which works perfectly with her. She will not remember she lived anywhere else by the time I see her again (in 2 weeks), and I am staying in contact with the nurses to monitor her progress.

I learned so much from reading the posts on this forum, and I am so impressed with the level of comfort and advice and wisdom you all have in this.

Thank you again!

- Roxanne