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Chronic all over muscle pain, joint pain, fatigue and headaches

Hi, we'll I only very recently joined this board. My initial reason was because of my back issues. I have had back problems since the swing I was on 18 yrs ago (I was a PE teacher) was broken and fell out from under me. A year and a half later was my 1st fusion, a year after that was a anterior posterior fusion L5/S1 with hardware. Continued chronic pain. 7yrs ago a spinal cord stimulator implanted and a year later a revision of that as well. I have been in pain management for the past 9 yrs- done very type of pt imaginable.

Now, 5 yrs ago I went to my general Dr because of expensive fatigue. The dr told me I was fine, I insisted on a blood test. He said ok followed by "but you know, you're as old today as you have ever been" I replied with " I'm ONLY 38!" Blood test came back fine he said. I have also seen him for migraines and general headaches all the time. I have also mentioned to him how physically I always feel worn out. Initially I thought a lot of my overall pain was due to my back...but my thinking is changing. 3 yrs ago in water therapy, the other patients and I would always discuss our ailments and what medicine we were taking, what worked. They all said I probably had fibro ( every one of them had it).i of course said no, it's because of my back. I started going to massage therapy almost 2 yrs ago because of a car daughter and I were returning from dropping off a foster puppy and the car in front of me stopped short to make a left turn. I stopped and a few seconds after, a car slammed straight into the back of us, she had never hit her breaks and according to the other driver she said she was going about 50 mph) so I went to massage therapy for my neck and she was working wonders so my pain management dr sent me to her for my back. The first time she started to work on me, I was wincing when she was working the upper part of my back- shoulder blades, shoulder area. She asked me if I had fibro, I said no, it's just the pain from my back is now everywhere. Over the course of the first month of treatment, she mentioned it several times...she works on my whole body because I am in pain all over.
2 yrs ago I did have an inccident 2 1/2 yrs ago when visiting my mother. I woke up in the morning and my thumbs were very sore and painful. As the day progressed, my elbows and shoulder became very painful to move. I took my kids to listen to music outdoors, when I went to stand from sitting, I couldn't. My hips , knees and ankles were SOOO painful and felt locked up. When I tried to push up with my hands, I couldn' children got under each of my arms to help me up. I couldn't drive so I had to call a cab. I couldn't even hold a cup, grip anything, move anything. Scared I rolled into bed, with my mother helping roll me on. Went to a dr the next day- joints not hot or swollen. Went for blood work, including a test for lupus, everything negative.

So this brings me more up to date...I have constantly been fatigued, exhausted no matter how much sleep, although even with ambien I don't sleep great. So, the past 6 months, my joints have all been very sore, all my muscles extremely tight. I even developed Achilles tendinitis Achilles was apparently tearing and it formed a huge "knot" at the back of my ankle and pain right under my heel. My left one was horrible and the rt one not far behind.
I can not sit in one position too long , even lying down I have to readjust my legs and arms often because they get so stiff. My wrists have been extremely painful the past few months and are now clicking.

Now mind you I take a good deal of medication already : 100mcg duragesic patch (fentanyl ) change every 2days, zanaflex muscle relaxer 4x a day, roxicodone 4x a day, mobic 2x a day, Zoloft, ambien and Voltaren gel . I couldn't imagine any other medication could possibly help me.

I do want to find a new general dr because, well I hardly go to him, but when I do I feel like he looks and treats me like " why are you here again" .when I went after my car accident, he didn't even look at me. I had called constantly for weeks because I had such severe headaches after the accident - finally got a scan 6 weeks after. Anyway,I have to go to him to get a referral to see a rheumatologist . SOOO my question...does ANYONE have any other suggestions or ideas? Please, I'm open to anything.

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