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Re: Uncontrollable Anger

Hi Nerual,

I don't know what to say to comfort you but I go thru exactly what you are going thru right now and I understand how you feel. I had over the past 2 decades pushed away many people out of my life due to this anger problem. I feel so ashame that this is so that many times I wished I could disappear from this world so that I do not bring those pain to the ones who come near my life.

I am lucky as I have a very very understanding and supportive husband and 2 teenage kids who sorta learn to live with my problem. I do not wish to take their compassion for granted and have over the years try my very best to do my part to reduce my anger episodes and be a more pleasant person for me and others.

I have tried meditation, Bacb Flower Essence, Native Remedies, Yoga, Inner Engineering, physical exercises. As in all healing methods, we need time and most of all DISCIPLINE. Of the aforementioned methods, I find that Bach Flower Remedies, meditation and Yoga helps. The 3 work together very well for one who is looking for inner healing.

I bave experience the pain you are going thru, feeling like a monster, sometime externalizing my pain I even hit myself. It is all so scary.

Can I suggest to you that you talk to at least one of your family members to stand by you as you try to heal yourself? You need a lot of support and encouragement at this time of your life. Also you can get a bottle of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy to help you thru those times when you feel very agitated or your can also use it after you had succumbed to the anger and felt really bad.

Meantime, keep breathing deeply. It will slow down your reaction to irritation. I have a verse here for you that I have chosen to memorize as an encouragement to myself and I want to share with you: