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Re: Cancer of pancreas or Bile duct?? help

Hello and thank you both for replying to my post.

I havent had a HIDA scan of my gallbladder only the ultrasound. I have been hoping this whole thing is being caused by stones as that can be solved but because I have had both the ct and the mri and there have not been any stones seen in either of these scans makes me think it cant be the case? I have read that there are two causes of bile duct dilation, either stones or cancer and as no stones have been spotted yet I cant help but think the worse. I have a telephone appointment with my GP on Monday just to go over things as they stand and will ask if she knows of any results. The very frustrating thing is that the doctor who performed the scan on Thursday obviously saw something and I just wish there wasn't all this waiting and worrying that in my case just makes things worse. I know that the ct that showed a clear pancreas is of course great news, I have also had the tumour marker blood test (ca19??) done, I don't know the actual reading but was told it was all good, but the worry wont leave me. Everyone says lets just wait and see and of course that is all I can do but at times the worry overtakes me. Can anyone advise on why, if this is stones, how they havent as yet been seen?

Thank you again for reading and replying it really does help.