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Re: I Don't Experience Hunger

I understand this phenomenon and share it to some degree. If I am alone I will often skip breakfast and lunch and pick a little for dinner because "I should." When I am not alone, it's breakfast-lunch-and dinner right on time.
On the opposite end, I can go to a buffet and eat enough for 3 people.

I eat out of habit and social convention.

Currently I am heavier than I like and would like to USE the skipped meal phenomenon but there is almost always someone with me who thinks it's time to eat.
Example: This morning I am merrily sitting at the computer typing this and that not thinking one whit about breakfast and partner pipes up: "I'm getting hungry."

Another wrinkle is that I have no real urge to eat until I taste something, no matter how small, and then I can overeat.
Goofy, I know.

But I am glad you posted this because it re-rang the bell in my head that I should make this phenomenon work for me...and help me lose 20 pounds.

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