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Re: Asthma from reflux... now what?

Titchou is 100% correct about silent reflux causing "asthma symptoms".

I have asthma, but it was always controlled. Then it went crazy and I ended up on maximum doses of flovent and singular without positive results.

I have been doing a ton of googling and when I finally typed in "hoarseness", that is when I realized that I have LPR/silent reflux.
With more and more googling, I have tried so many things, but a site suggested alkaline water. Not knowing how much to drink, I began to flood myself with the water. Just like he said,,, "If it is LPR, your asthma symptoms will disappear in two days". They did. I could actually breathe again, but like a bone head, I cut back and my symptoms returned.
I didn't like drinking so much water, because it went right through me. I couldn't leave the house because I had to pee all the time. It sounds funny, but I become trapped when I flood myself. I'm experimenting to see how much alkaline water I can drink and have a positive effect.
So far I haven't found it and my asthma symptoms are still with me.

It is refreshing to know that I may be asthma free at some point.

I went from using my inhaler a few times a day, to mountain biking in just two days.
Now I'm back to using my inhaler, but not nearly as much.

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