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Unhappy Starting Fresh - looking at thyroid removal

Versus going through 50 plus pages of stories, I want to put mine out there. I have spent the past 20 years having nodules monitored, testes with biopsies, ultrasounds, etc. This started in 1993. By 2001, one side of my neck developed a goiter. I did not notice any thyroid disease side effects, but I had just been through a nasty made for TV movie, where I lost over 30 pounds, took care of 2 young children and worked a new job full time. I was too busy to be tired and I exercised regularly. I was fine, all my levels indicated I was normal.
Then in 1999, I went on a search for second opinons and someone that could tell me why I should put up with the unsightly goiter. I was starting to put weight on and still working out and keeping a fast paced life. I was tired. Docs said that my lifestyle would make anyone tired. I could'nt focus in meetings, I couldn't concentrate on reading material, I wondered if I was ADD...
Finally a radiaologist read an ultrasound and sat me down and said the nodule had caused the gland to increase by 2/3's in size and that was reason enough to remove it.
Thinking that the entire gland would come out, I was reassured that only one side would be removed and we would monitor my levels. I thought the entire right lobe came out, and found out, over 15 yrs. later, that only part of it came out and there were many other modules and the doctor was sorry I misunderstood that. MISUNDERSTOOD? I was TOLD the info I knew. I didn't make it up.
The doc was getting more and more extreme in behavior each time I saw him. I didn't feel good, ever, starting about 2006. He kept saying my levels were fine, he couldn't help me, but he wanted to see me now twice a year. In 2010, having just accepted that stuff in life was causing my moodiness, 40 pound weight gain, fatigue, tired feeling muscles, really brittle nails, really dry skin, sensitivity to cold, despite being menopausal, nope, no hot flashes and no night sweats ever, he felt nothing was wrong. He even, in 2010, was disgusted with me because I was reading Datis Kharrazian's "Why Do I STILL Have Thyroid Symptoms" book, he told me nothing was wrong and blood tests said so.

What blood test? The one I just had. I have not had one for a year, I said. He was so upset about the book that he misread his own records. I got a copy of all my records from them the next week and have moved on to a different endo.

I did not see an endo for 2 years. I now am seeing a new one, highly recommended in this area, who says that blood work still says I am fine but that she can feel how large the nodule is and it needs to come out because it's restricting my airway. She says it should come out. My question to her was, you say my levels are normal, but for whom? There is controversy on what "normal levels" are.

I am now concerned, having joint and soft tissues issues, working out is more difficult and I can' t just GO for it anymore, already 40 pounds + overweight, what will happn when they remove all my gland and put me on synthroid? I can't gain any more weight, I just cannot. I am now the size I was at full term pregnancy with my youngest and I find it disgusting. What will happen now?

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