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Re: HYPERTHYROID and hot flashes can't sleep

I am going to try to answer all of the questions. My PCP did the blood work. I have only TSH at .015 and FT4 at 3.3 I have no FT3 results (either she didn't do it or I did not get the copy). She sent me to an endocrinologist who ordered the scan. I am not on any meds at all. She was trying to treat my high BP with hydrochlorithiazide, lisinopril, amlodipine and each one pretty much stopped my kidneys from functioning. When I would go off, it would get better, than she would try me on another and again I would have problems. Just before she got the blood work back she tried to get me to take Diovan. I know beta blockers are recommended for the hyperthyroid and I saw this was not one so I questioned it. She said to take it anyways. When I saw the endocrinologist my bp was 124/84. It is usually higher, but for some reason that day it was spot on.
My ovary was left to keep me from going into menopause, and I understand that taking that one away will send me into menopause quickly (I was already starting it though). So I don't think that is all, my body has always had hot flashes when it is sick. They tried me on estrogen replacement and it did nothing but intensify the hot flashes. I have to be careful for HRT since my Mom is a 2x breast cancer survivor and my sister is an ovarian cancer survivor.
I have not had any tests now or on order tomorrow for anitibody for Graves Disease, and will not agree to be treated for it until I do have that. What exactly is it called again TSI??
I appreciated any insites you can all give to me. I am running out of patience with doctors (this one didn't even ask me how I felt or what my symptoms were).