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Re: Starting Fresh - looking at thyroid removal

You probably have had thyroid disease/hashimotos all these years. Why don't you post your blood results with the lab ranges here, and people can help you?

"Normal" for thyroid blood work is not like other "normal" blood work in ranges. My sister had a tsh over range, everything else at the low end of range, and then she found an endocrinologist that decided to try treatment and she was much better for it. Usually regular doctors, not endos. are better with this. Many doctors are obsessed with tsh.

You likely need thyroid meds.---You might need that thyroid out, but what I would do while figuring it out is ask the endo. for a trial of thyroid hormone at a decent dose to see if it shrinks your goiter. It is a good chance it won't, but it will help you start treatment. Also, if you get your thyroid out, you want a good doctor to help you manage your medication levels.

If you have a good "manager" that works with you until you feel right, not just watching ranges, you may even be better off than with your thyroid, as you are starting from "scratch"

You can post your tsh, free t4, free t3 and antibody levels here for people to help you with.

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