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Re: Starting Fresh - looking at thyroid removal

I know the iron is fine, I take D3 supplements and a lot of others...I have been taking kelp tablets for a while as well. Cortisol DHEA...not familiar and will have to look up and into. Have a call in to the doc now to get the levels to post here. I have actually tried synthroid, in the past, and it did nothing at all for me or the nodules. Right now, it's the size I am concerned with here because it is most definitely in the way. I have wondered about Hashimotos. Thyroid issues run in my mother's family. She and 2 of her 4 siblings had surgery, but in the mid to late 60's, so they just took it all out back in those days. My mother has never had any issues with weight, but has had hair loss over the years. She says she never noticed a problem after her surgery. One Aunt had a goiter, sibling 4, but never had anything done about it. She was then in her 70's and felt no need to look into surgery. Mom has asked family, at reunions, who has had thyroid issues, trying to figure out where this is coming from, and it seems it has stayed just in her immediate family.
Thanks for the info. Researching further and will post levels soon.