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Re: Chronic all over muscle pain, joint pain, fatigue and headaches

Good luck!
I am setting an appointment with a primary that specializes in internal medicine. Maybe I will have better luck with her.
I know my ex-primary kept blowing off my hypothyroidism. I recently found out that she has kept me on a dosage that is a starter point for someone over the age of 50 with heart issues.
35 years old and no heart issues - I also read that birth control pills bind with my hypothyroid medication (T4) and she recently prescribed that without increasing dosage. Also, a blood test to check the levels should be done every 2 - 4 months when first diagnosed. She checked once a year. My Free T4 was only 8% when it should be around 50 - 80-% No wonder I kept getting worse!

It has been a painfully rough and medically stressful three years, but I was very relieved that I failed the fibromyalgia tender point exam. I did get the Rheumy to let me try a new thyroid medication and am taking the old and the new. I still need to give it time, but am hopeful! I am hoping the internist will help me with this.

I am seriously going to be angry if it was my thyroid all along! I kept bringing that up to the primary and her response was, "Levels are fine"

Throbbing headaches, migraines, joint pain, exhaustion, light headed days, muscle cramps, stabbing pains, etc..
Tests: Electromyography(EMG), Nerve Conduction Study(NCS), MRI, Lots of Blood Tests, CT scan, laparoscopy surgery
Doctors: ENT, Neurologist, Oral Surgeon, Allergist, Gynocologist/surgeon, Rheumatologist, Eye Doctor

All for a search for an answer - things just kept getting worse.

I think someone owes me a refund for not just trying a higher T4 in the beginning.. lol
I am not implying that yours is all thyroid - I would have no idea. I guess what I am saying is that I wouldn't of found all this out without having a copy of all my bloodwork and some wonderful women on the thyroid disorder board!
I was initially here - and everyone was so helpful - so I am still lingering. How can so many doctors be so wrong?

I wish you the best!