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Re: Chronic all over muscle pain, joint pain, fatigue and headaches

Thank you so much for the info that is not something I would have ever thought about. So I just left the doctors office and I want to cry to the made me feel like crap. I know in my initial post on here I said I'm going to be looking for a new doctor in this 1 just sealed the deal. Basically I was telling him how I feel, how I am so sore all over and my joints are very stiff and sore my both wrists in particular the past few months have been horrible. I told him I tried to write off some of my other pain initially thinking it was because of my back But that just can't be the case anymore. I tried to explain how my muscles even in my arms are so tender For no reason whatsoever. How all my joints are stiff and sore my wrists keep clicking these past few weeks How I have to adjust myself when I'm lying or sitting because even my shoulders and elbows get stiff. So he sitting in the chair with his leg crossed over so his ankle is on his other knee And I'm feeling like he's looking kind of smug. Even says to me how tall are you, so I say well they just measured me and I'm 5 foot 7. He then goes on to tell me how the past 7 years my weight has been a steady increase, something which I went to him a few years about because it started happening for no apparent reason. In fact I eat much much less now and don't have much of an appetite at all.... my weight gain started when I started taking all of this medicine for my back. So he then looks at me and says well it's like you're running around with my 10 year old hanging on your back no wonder you feel like crap. So I'm looking at him trying not to cry and then he says no wat my 10 year old doesn't even way I 100 pounds it's like you're running around with my 12 year old on your back. Now at this point I am completely mortified. For starters I am NOT 100 pounds overweight... yes I am overweight but I am 198 lbs and 5'7". So unless at that hide I'm supposed to be 100 pounds.... he doesn't do his math correctly. He then proceeds to ask me what I do for exercise. I remind him I really can't do much because I can't even get through the day half the time Just doing a normal day to day stuff. Even have the nerve to say to me.... well I think part of it is that you're really out of shape. So I say I know I'm at a shape and there's not really much I can do about it, I do the best I can. Even button just say no just saying you're out of shape is not enough if you were just out of shape that would be good For you but you're not you're worse then out of shape. If I could say that you were just out of shape that would be a good thing for you. He then I hold up his laptop in front of his face and chuckles and smiles and says don't throw anything at me I'm just stating the facts. I didn't think I could feel worse than I already do today... apparently I was mistaken. So he goes on to say... for the reasons I just gave is why I think you feel like garbage. I remind him how I came into him 5 years ago complaining of excessive fatigue.. so basically to placate me he will run the blood work. Even basically said if nothing shows up on the blood work then it will come down to the fact that I am overweight and out of shape. It was all I could do not to cry it out moment... I waited till I got my car. So I will be on the hunt for a new regular doctor While I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with me. I'm just stunned at the way he spoke to me... he seemed to think it was pretty funny thing it all with a bit of a smirk on his face. So what am I gonna do for the next 2 hours before 1 of my kids gets home from school and I have to go get the other 1... yes take a much needed nap. Uhhg