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Thanks Jen:
Can you believe this snow fall. Wow. I take probiotics and oil of oregano already and I take grapefruit seed extract. I don't do any detoxing though. I have done the sauna a few yrs ago and I did some colonics and foot baths, but they were all quite a long time ago. I just got an official Positive diagnosis from Igenix. The LLMD has me on doxy and tindamax for now, then he will change in about two months. He also told me to take samento and reservertrol (sp.?), in addition to all the things I already take. Oh...and also 4000mgs of fish oil a day. Everybody talks about detoxing, but as I said, I don't do much of that. I don't really have the pain that a lot of other people talk about. I have tingling on top of head, balance issues, digestive issues, severe neck pain, etc. I was a lot worse a few yrs ago, but I think with lots of natural things I have taken over the years I probably kept the lyme at bay. My story is too long to get into. Stay safe and warm. Ttul. LaLa
Hi lala52, i got epstein barr,esophagic candida, balance issues,lightheadedness,sinus,digestive issues,weakness,dry mouth,all these in the last two months, i think ebv has a lot to do with these,but doctors are clueless