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Originally Posted by Sara23321 View Post
Hi there,

I'm a new poster. I've had various digestive problems for years including constipation and hemorrhoids. . I finally saw a gastroenterologist who put me on nightly miralax. Shortly after this I started having mild fecal incontinence. I just recently saw a colorectal surgeon who told me I needed a hemorrhoidectomy and also to remove a skin tag I had in the area. I asked him about the incontinence and he thought it was possible the surgery would take care of that as well.

I am now 10 days post op from the hemorrhoidectomy. It's been incredibly painful but I'm healing. The first 8 days the incontinence disappeared completely. I only had a little bit of bleeding. Starting last night it has returned
I am so completely unhappy and in despair. Honestly the only reason I went through this was thinking it would solve the incontinence. I don't like the pain of the hemorrhoids but I could have lived with it. I just don't know what to do now.

He wants to do some kind of test with a balloon and I don't know what exactly that entails. I don't know what they can do to stop this.... if there's even worse surgery out there, I honestly don't know if I could handle anything else done now. Has anyone else experienced this and has any hope for me?

I was so excited it was gone for 8 days.. i felt so much better about myself and not so gross. I don't know why it came back? It was like completely gone?

Any help and info and encouragement would be most welcome. I'm very, very depressed right now. Thank you.


Personal info: I am in my late forties and in generally good health.
Hi Sara,
Sorry to hear you are going through this. Miralax can cause incontinence. If you didn't have any incontinence before the Miralax, I would be surprised if you had a sphincter issue. The balloon test your doctor wants to do is to test the strength of your anal sphincters. I had that test done and it's not awful but not pleasant either. Did you have any vaginal births with tearing before? This can cause incontinence if your muscles are damaged by birthing. It might be a good idea to have the testing done including and ultrasound to see if your muscles are together. If your muscles are not damaged, you might want to try Keigels. Keigels are strengthening exercises that help with both bladder and bowel incontinence. I would recommend doing the exercises first before doing any surgery. I have a torn sphincter due to childbirth and have deceided to wait on surgery, due to the surgery not having a great success rate. Hopefully, in time they will find a new way to fix this problem in so many women. I wish you luck!