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Re: Chronic all over muscle pain, joint pain, fatigue and headaches

I read your last post in shock! Really mouth gaping open! I am so sorry.

I can relate to a physician being smug and rude. When my primary suggested that my problem was possibly endometriosis sitting on my bundle of nerves I tried her birth control route for a month. Became even worse!! I possibly thought endo could be it because my body felt like it shut down and went into complete severe pain mode a week before me period. Unlike my "normal" pain days.

Went to a gyno surgeon and had the laparoscopy surgery and weird as it was he actually found the endo and cauterized it. He told me though that it wasn't possible for it to be causing this over all pain. So, I went back to my primary and she said, I got the report and you don't have as much endo as my other patients. So, I don't know why you felt so bad!

Weight gain and fatigue is a sign of hypothyroidism. Left untreated or under treated it progressivley worsens. All your organs, muscles, tissues, and brain need that T4 and T3 from your thyroid! It is like the gas that makes the car go.

If you do get the results from a thyroid test keep in mind that just in the few years the lab ranges have changed. So, definataly post the results. My guess is that your doctor will only test the widely known TSH test. Hopefull you can get the full panel. And just because you fall into the lab ranges doesn't mean there is not a problem. Even higher TSH numbers in their range you can feel hypothyroid.

BTW The rheumy I saw suggested that I stop taking my thyroid medication because I wasn't that far out of range. Top of the lab was 3.0 and I was a 5.1. That comment scared me. But, at least he prescirbed me the Armour medication, at my request. That is what totally got me reading, asking the thyroid board questions and researching my lab values.

I am pulling for you! Good luck!

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